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NopWarehouse is the place where you can find themes and extensions for the world leading .NET open source e-commerce platform. Most of the extensions in NopWarehouse are free and even contains source code. 

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Picture of Asp.Net Web Api Plugin
This is asp.net web api plugin for nopcommerce in order to expose REST style services. The zip files contains source + plugin itself.
0.00 AED
Picture of SocialBar Widget + Source Code
nopCommerce SocialBar widget with source code.
0.00 AED
Picture of Ribbon Bar for Products
NW Ribbon Bar is CSS3 based ribbon bar generator for products. You can add ribbon upto 3 types i.e Simple ribbon, Flag Ribbon and Round Ribbon.
0.00 AED
Picture of NW Customers Counter Widget
NWCustomer Counter widget simple counts the online user from a particular timeperiod.
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